by SH

Climate Change "Risk" on Monday at the Brunswick Beach -- a six-hour diabolical marathon modeling global solutions (or not) to climate change. Thanks to masterminds Fregmonto (the fossil fuel lobby), Alex (the USA) and all the other countries who participated.

We have encountered:

A father who is more concerned about his son’s chronic eczema than about the state of the planet.

An artist who has spent the last fourteen years watching the patterns of Port Phillip Bay

Two teenagers who think that it’s too late to do anything about climate change

A dude who came and sat on the deckchair and chatted about the need to take a long view into the future, and the difficulty of negotiating this in the humdrum of everyday life

Several climate change activists, who have provided welcome advice, some of which we have taken on board

The concept of “co-benefits” (side-benefits of climate change action e.g. benefits to health from reduction in pollution, cooling of urban heat islands due to tree-planting)

A mother who is convinced that climate change is a part of the earth’s natural weather cycles and is not human-induced

A chap from Northcote who believes humans are a blip in the history of the earth, and our contribution to global warming is more or less part of the natural cycle of birth, death and destruction

A sharehouse from around the corner who gave us kelp and a seashell

Several elderly men and women who are convinced that weather patterns, in their experience, are becoming more volatile

Two shirtless and muscly guys from Prahran who wanted photos

A musician who thinks human rights are more important than climate change

Someone who was passionate about the incentive for technological innovation that climate change creates

A heap of people who disagree with each other about the scale of climate change, and (more to the point) whether or not it’s too late to do anything about it

A lot of disillusionment about the capacity of world leaders to tackle climate change

A chap from around the corner who thinks it’s inevitable that we adapt to climate change

Minerva, Angus, Griffin, Nicole, Ted and a heap of other kids who’ve hung out with us in the sand

Apocalyptic sounds from behind the beach hut: Spasmoslop (a.k.a. Nik Kennedy) slopped the spaz out of his electric esky with beach cocktail noise music. Thanks to Retreat bartender Macgregor for lending cocktail-making skills.