by SH


Our observations from the first day (yesterday):

Everybody loves the beach.

It’s hard to talk to kids about climate change.

There are a lot of people rocking up, some stay a while, some only briefly. It’s exhausting but rewarding trying to talk to all of them.

Sitting on the beach watching Brunswick go by, you feel objective.

It feels good to talk about things (but is it enough?) One lovely lady, for example, when we brought up climate change, was equally concerned about asteroids accidentally hitting the earth. When it appears that individuals have as little control over climate change as they do over asteroids, should we try to shift this perception? Because in some ways we agree.

In light of this, when someone asks “what do I do about climate change?” it’s hard to respond with an accurate encompassing solution that they can personally carry out (we aren’t experts either, although we’re learning from others).

We’re not sure how to respond to people who want to objectively analyse the project rather than engage with it as honest individuals.

Foot-traffic smile at us. People in cars wave — some heckle.

We don’t want all the conversations to be the same.

We’d love to know what people are saying as they walk away.